Difference between Titanium Nail and Quartz Banger

When upgrading your glass nail on your oil rig, should you go with titanium or a quartz banger?

Both thick quartz bangers and domeless titanium nails have their ups and downs, some even say it is simply personal preferance.

I'm going to list out the main differences between titanium and quartz. Upgrading to a titanium nail or thick quartz banger will save you both time and concentrate in the long run. Glass nails tend to break easily, crack, and just don't seem to keep up after time.

It usually comes down to each user, whether they like using a titanium domeless nail or a thick quartz banger. Both come with their pros and cons though, so you should do a bit of research before you commit to buying either one.

To help you out I created a quick comparison of both titanium and quartz. Hope it helps!


Domeless titanium nails are often more expensive than thick quartz banger nails. They are extremely resistant to cracking and are hard to break. If used correctly, they can last you years. Reach the appropriate temperature quickly and stay hot longer.

When first using, remember to season the nail to remove manufacturer coating. If not season or not seasoned correctly, the titanium nail can taste a bit off. Titanium grade 2 is the preferred titanium grade when it comes to dabbing concentrates.


Thick quartz banger nails are usually less expensive than titanium nails. They do have a higher chance of breaking if dropped from a considerable height. Thick walls retain heat longer, less likely to crack.

Enjoy the full taste of your concentrate and take advantage of low temperature dabs with a carb cap. Just like a titanium nail, a quartz banger must be seasoned prior to use. Most bangers on the market are made from 99.9% pure quartz. Get your own quartz banger at 710 VISIONS

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